Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Destiny Stompers

First off I thank my girls for your conversations and insight…they’ve helped me piece together my thoughts on this….

Destiny Stompers (DSers)

We all know them….the people who come talking out against what your destiny is…

1) They don’t want to kill your destiny, just hinder and damage it severely.

2) They cheapen your destiny by claiming that it is just a fantasy that you’re holding onto

3) Their objective is to shoot down the motivation and drive you have for completing or arriving at your goal.

Instead of being able to enjoy the full extent of your destiny, you’re plagued by the damage that has been done to your destiny by those who have opposed it from the beginning. Sometimes you have to pick and choose who you share your vision of what you know God has for you because not everyone will be supportive. Others may mean well and may have your best interest at heart, but they don’t have your best interest at heart if you examine it closely. If I have someone’s best interest at heart, I’m going to make sure to support them in what they do….my thing is “present all the facts, good and bad, and make a decision based on them” (I think I got this from my dad)…even if what you want to do it a daunting task, those who are supportive of you will help you find a way to help you achieve your goals. Those who support you will show you the facts but not them to override your destiny, remember with God all things are possible no matter what our friends think or say…

When the DSers come along and start with their dislike, ridicule, opinions, they can weaken the confidence you have in yourself and instead of stepping up to the plate with a full load of confidence to act, you step up half full and your outcome is only half of what it could be. If you let what others say or do feed on your confidence, then you’re only hurting yourself. We have to remember that haters come in all shapes and sizes with all kinds of approaches.


The sad part is that there is probably only a small percentage of people who really do have the goal of being a DSer (which is a totally different topic on people who are bent on being pessimistic), but many of us are a DS to someone without knowing it…and it’s all done in the name of “keeping it real”. We all love the fact that we have people in our life that we can be honest with and share openly with them, but sometimes we can overstep the line of care and concern while explaining how we feel about it and in the process kill their vision, their God given vision…Many of us are guilty of this, I know I am probably in violation somewhere with someone if not multiple people. We mean well but we can do harm by what we do or don’t say, react, encourage or discourage.

If someone approaches us with something they feel that God has in store for them, we need to be their fan!! It’s wonderful and fulfilling to know what you are supposed to be doing in life rather than wondering WHAT you’re supposed to be doing with your life. No disrespect to those who don’t know what their calling is, you’ll get it…

You have your vision and it’s seen, don’t let others stomp your destiny!!!