Wednesday, April 21, 2010

F.E.A.R. – Forever Empty And Raw

F.E.A.R. – Forever Empty And Raw

So many times we give it more power ad credit than it is worth. Whether it is a mental, physical or emotional fear, we let it dictate too much in our lives. There are times where we don’t want to disappoint people and because of fear of their reaction/rejection, we do or don’t act because we fear being reprimanded or of being singled out.

Sometimes we set goals for ourselves and instead of pushing hard to complete them; we get so bogged down in our responsibilities or routines. Then, when the opportunity presents itself, we are scared that we can’t be successful since we have less time and resources since the idea was fresh and we daydreamed of greatness. We replace our feelings of accomplishment with fear, anxiety and insecurity full of “I don’t knows” and “what ifs”. We let fear steal our joy and our reward.

When it comes to relationships, fear can be a killer. We either fear our significant other will leave, cheat or do us wrong to some extent. If we have been through a rough relationship before we may fear the new level of intimacy with someone, allowing ourselves to be open with them; or we may not believe we have what it takes to have a healthy viable relationship. If we haven’t found “the one” we may fear that they may never show up. If we are married, fear can be the tip of the iceberg to push you towards thinking of and wanting a divorce. Many times when we fear, it may be in one area but will spread like wildfire to other areas we were once confident in.


I created this acronym to sum up fear in one word….When you fear something you’re void of whatever it is that you need to fill the emptiness and you are raw in the sense that your emotions aren’t fake. Look at someone in a life threatening situation (fire, drowning, etc.) they are filled with raw emotion. The “Forever Empty” part applies too especially if there’s no indication of what the outcome will be. The situation will feel hopeless. Even in less or non-threatening situations, F.E.A.R. still rings true, just at a different level.

We need to remind ourselves that fear is in our control…..we have to remember who we are and what we are capable of with God’s help. God doesn’t give us a spirit of fear. When we fear, our thinking spirals out of control, and the Devil loves that because we tend to quit giving God praise to exercise fear. We stop praising God for what He’s done and anything the Devil can do to keep us from praising is what he will most certainly do.

Go back to your goals, dreams and desires….they’re attainable. Shut the Devil up and slide all haters and non-supporters to the left. Tell them to kick rocks and you keep moving ahead!! There are so many fulfillments when you get past your fear to enjoy what you once thought was out of your reach…

Only when we put out fears aside and progress will we truly see how much fear can be a joy stealer that controlled all aspects of our lives.