Thursday, April 15, 2010

A New Year's Resolution to us all....including me (originally posted January 2nd)

There are so many things out there that we can make resolutions about this year. I would like to propose a simple one for myself and to everyone else: Be honest and keep your word.

So many times we:

• lie to ourselves about what our progress is with dealing with problems

• lie to ourselves about the reality and urgencies of our situations

• lie to ourselves about what we believe God has for us in order to get what we want

• say to people what we think they want to hear

• say to people what we need to in order to avoid a “situation”

We try to better ourselves in so many ways that sometimes we get caught up in the little progress we may see and start our celebration too early…we have to continue to press toward the finish line and not slack off in our efforts, they will surely pay off.

Sometimes we get to work in the church and while we believe that the area we work in presently is where we will stay, it may not be. We try to convince ourselves that God will put us in one ministry and that’s where we’ll stay while we’re members at our churches. God may put us in one spot then later when we mature, move us to another ministry. We have to be flexible to God’s plans, not override his plans with ours.

Next time someone asks you what your opinion is on something, give them an honest answer but remember delivery is key so don’t go blastin’ off at the mouth with no thought of proper sensitivity. This also goes for if you ask someone their opinion, you can’t get mad at their response, you asked for an answer, not an answer you agreed with. Next time you make plans with someone, stick to them. So many times we are quick to give an answer based on “right now” and we have no intentions of following through with whatever plans were made.

We always want people to trust us, whether or not we have a relationship with them or not and the only way we can make sure that happens is to be honest and keep our word. If others are depending on us to be trustworthy and reliable, we damage our own reputation by not holding our end of the bargain. I know if I call my best friend Jessica, and she asks me something, she knows that I am going to tell her the truth....she (and I) know that if I tell her something dishonest, I’m not a reliable friend of hers and that I obviously don’t care about her feelings at all. Does this mean I’m the perfect friend? Absolutely…..not. I forget birthdays, anniversaries (those of you who know me know that if it’s not written down, I’ll forget it) and other little things. But the one thing that is for certain is when I promise to do something, I do it. If it’s late, I apologize and explain if needed. But this all goes into being honest and keeping my word.

It sounds simple but let’s see how many of us can keep our word……