Thursday, April 15, 2010

Self-Evaluations (I think I'm talking to myself) --Originally posted Dec.8, 2009

So many times we take evaluations of our lives to gauge whether we’ve had any improvements in our health, social life, emotional stability and spirituality. More times than not, we notice growth in one place and none in others. This may be due to the fact that our achievement goals are not what they should be. If we’re focused on becoming a widely known business person, our social life may blast off as we find ourselves networking to get our name recognition where all can see and know who we are. If we are focused on being someone who lives a completely holistic lifestyle, we may pay attention to just our health and spend our time and money researching family genealogy to find what diseases we may carry and how to overcome them with natural remedies, so we can live to be ripe aged people. If we like the feeling of control, stability and “having a cool head” about our endeavors, we may go down the path looking to always retain the feeling of that “high” that everything is life is good and our emotions are always in check…we don’t get anxious, angry, sad, indifferent. If we only look at the spiritual side as the only side that matters, then we’re missing out on a lot. If we are pushing our bible studies and church involvement the max then we will be missing out on many things that are going to be passing us up.

Don’t get me wrong…our spiritual status (saved vs. lost) is the most important thing, but God put us on Earth in a physical body that has emotions, health issues, and a social life that comes from interacting with others. If we pay more attention to one area and ignore the rest, then we are doing ourselves a disservice. If we are always running around like a chicken with our heads cut off we are forgetting what 2 Timothy 1:7 says about God not giving us the spirit of fear. If we pay more attention to our health issues then we’re forgetting what Psalms 103:1-4 says about how He is the one to heal all our diseases. When it comes to our social lives, we’re not supposed to be of the world anyways so if we are trying to make our mark in the world, we need to make sure that it is to glory of God’s name, not our own. We have to also make sure that when we consider our spirituality that we don’t make it such a force that we drive others away from it…we want to draw them in. We don’t want to be such a distraction that we turn them off to the true and living God. We want to get the point across that God is a loving God, but that He also doesn’t tolerate sin.

When we take the evaluations of ourselves and look at the checkpoints in our lives we have to look at how much we’ve changed, and how much we have not. If we are still any of the following then we need a re-evaluation:

-an emotional basket case all the time

-trying to one-up everyone and get on the list of the rich and famous or Who’s Who in the business world

-a health nut on the verge of destroying our health in our efforts to make it better

-trying to become a religious fanatic so that we can show everyone (and claim) that we are the “model” Christian

We need to remember that we are human and when we have faults in the mental, physical or spiritual realm, we need to repent of them and seek God's guidance. If we need to seek counsel, that is what we should do to help us re-evaluate ourselves. Just because we have the Holy Spirit in us doesn’t mean that our physical or mental ability won’t stray from our calling. We can still say “no” the Holy Spirit and disobey, that’s what happens every time we disobey…we know what we should not be doing but we choose to do wrong anyways. We choose to have the wrong attitude towards someone, to keep drama going when it’s died down, to not believe God’s word of healing and instead give all credit to doctors and natural herbs. This doesn’t mean that we ignore or wipe over the fact that we do wrong and just sweep it under the “blood of Jesus Christ” rug. God forgives us for our misconceptions and wrongs if we are truly repentant. That does not mean that we have an excuse to run around and repeatedly keep the bad habits, treatment of others, mindsets and beliefs using the excuse that we’re still working on it as our attempt to keep it close for quick retrieval. If we’ve been saved for (pretty much) any length of time, we should be able to re-evaluate ourselves at any time and see that we’ve moved a centimeter, an inch, a foot, a mile or more in the right direction in any area of our lives. We can’t say that we trust God totally with our success then go back and have a midnight game-plan session on how to get ahead at other’s expense on the job, or say we trust him with our health, then run to the doctor the second we get sick and not turn to prayer with God.

If we trust (as we should) that God is in complete control and ALWAYS has our best in mind then we need to trust Him to help us with every struggle we have and not go back to get our dirt from under the rug….leave behind worry of your social life, many hated Christ….leave behind worries of your success, your riches are laid up in Heaven….leave behind worry about health issues, you’ll get a new body. But always, keep your spirituality real…don’t blow yourself up to have the “look” of the successful Christian who is on top of their game because you’ll be living a lie. Others may not know, but GOD always does…

So….take a self-evaluation and see where you line up with how you should be living…we all can stand to do much better, myself included.