Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Addition to Hoarding blog...on the spiritual side

Someone emailed me asking about sin I dug around and this is what I came up with. (The links of where I found the info are included....I didn't agree with everything on both sites, but they had some clear information in my opinion.) My comments are in green.

1)“Greed, selfishness and greediness are all sin. Hoarding is sin. Keeping an abundance of items just for the sake of having them is sin, so that would include so-called ‘collectors’ (Matthew 6:19).

Imagine if we have an abundance of gifts and talents and we keep them to ourselves and don't use them...we could hinder someone else from receiving their blessing

2) Jesus said we are to guard ourselves from greed, and trust Him for our needs because He will supply them, and we are not to hoard or amass.

If we love the things we accumulated and those things are sins then how can we love the Lord or be in his will (since he cannot entertain or accept our sins)?

3) Hoarders waste because they can`t let anyone else use what they have. The goods deteriorate, are destroyed by rodents, or are so hopelessly outdated by the time they are rescued that no one would want them. By keeping things that won`t be used, they keep the basic materials out of the recycling stream as well. They don`t want to deal with their accumulation, even though it sits there uselessly. They want someone else to deal with it, as one therapist said while trying to help a person caught in a hoarding pathology. While trying to maintain control, they don`t take control.

Comment by a member-I think hoarding is also a fear to let God provide.

The first line said it best "hoarders waste because they can't let anyone else use what they have".  Back to my first comment about if we have an abundance of gifts...look at the flipside.....if we have an abundance of sins they will leak over to whatever gifts we have and slowly start to diminish them.  We've all heard the saying "one bad apple spoils the bunch"...well the same goes our gifts....if we don't put them into exercise, they become lax and ineffective.