Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Running From the Enemy

So I had a crazy dream last night…you all will think I’m nuts after this….but this really was my dream last night.  But first some background info…..

Some of you may remember the cartoon “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” that used both live human action and cartoon animation. Well if you do, then you remember “The Dip”. “The Dip” was the only way to kill a cartoon since cartoons never died, they just survived many death attempts. In the movie, Judge Doom tries to buy Toon Town and get rid of the “toons”, as they were called, via spilling the dip across Toon Town.

Okay back to my dream…..or at least what I remember

So I’m hiding out in some old run down barn sitting in a rustic Model T car and my toon pet dog is going nuts. My dog goes to hide under a car where the 4th tire should have been and as Judge Doom comes flying through a back door with wood planks flying through the air, my dog takes off running carrying me in the car…We race over to the freeway and it’s packed. Bumper to bumper. But is that a problem? No, not for a toon….My dog just jumps on the first car and starts driving over the tops of all the cars ahead of us. As we’re racing down the freeway, I hear police sirens wailing and I can see Judge Doom in the rear view mirror and he’s gaining ground.

Just as we come up to an overpass, my dog jumps and I’m thinking “why in the world is this dog trying to jump over the overpass instead of just running beneath it?” Well my dog surprises me and hangs a sharp left landing on the bridge that was just a moment ago almost above our head. To our advantage, Judge Doom didn’t see and continued down the freeway but I knew he’d be back on our trail in a second…So my dog starts to take off running again but then slows down right away. I start trying to call out it to keep running, trying to figure out why the dog stopped when our lives are in danger and we could be caught at any moment. The dog looks at me then points to the side where there appears to be a kid’s T-Ball game getting ready to start and they were having a moment of prayer. I’m thinking, “Dog! Keep running! You can speed without barking……” but then the dog just looks at me with this look that says “wait and look…we’ll be okay”…..they start playing some song over the PA system at the game and all of a sudden the sky just cracks open and this blinding light just shines through…..

This is where I wake up and realize that I’m hearing “reveille” from the Army Base across from my neighborhood…..goodness, what a dream. Then I started thinking about how many times we run from our enemy, Satan. We try to do the right things and stay out of trouble and there are times when we are going through situations where we feel like we’ll never make it through and we may break. But then something brings us to a complete stop and we’re forced to pause and think why….it is at that time when the Holy Spirit reminds us of who He is. He reassures us that God is in control and has us in His care and we don’t have to run anymore.

Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.- Psalm 46:10

“Happiness is not the absence of problems but the ability to deal with them” - Anonymous