Monday, June 28, 2010

Honda Buybacks

Most people that know me, know that I LOVE my Honda....but I'm tired of these nice advertisements and letters from the dealers to inform me that MYcar is SPECIAL....why? Not because I carefully chose it, but because there is a HIGH demand for my cars....people are trying to buy my make/model in my year quick.  And in the same (breath) they also want to tell me how they can get me into a newer car with a low payment for a new model being released (or that is already out). 
So many times Satan will come along with some hot new item that is supposedly much better than what we have in Christ, but we're too psyched by the shiny wrapping, the glitz, glamour, respect, prestige that accompanies the hidden costs.  When we're offered a deal on a newer car with better gadgets that are supposed to help us drive, we see the low cost of the car (the price to upgrade) meanwhile we don't see that in the future that the price will skyrocket or that it will just be a large payment right away.  We may have to get used to spending more on gas or upkeep for the car, the insurance may cost us more too....Instead of being satisfied with the reliable, presentable transportation that we already have (and that may be paid off too) we want better/more so we go get it when we really don't need to....

Life as a Christian may not be easy all the time, but if you are doing what you should and living right, God takes care of us in every way....Temptation may flash by us attempting to draw our attention and we, many times, look to see what it is and start to try to figure out how it is better than what we have (or so we think).  We may "test drive" the sin and in turn "buy" it and ditch our old reliable transportation (lifestyle).

We have to remember that what we currently have (lifestyle) is BETTER than what is being offered by the competition....we already have what we need and maybe even some things that we just want.  The "better"/newer item that is hot off the block will come at a may be where we spend our money, it may be our time, it may be our witness or reputation....and in the worst case, it may cost us our life. Like getting a car note for that "better" car when we had a paid off car, we will have to make adjustments in our life to pay for the things we may have thought we wanted......

So do what I do.....shred that buyback letter/postcard and toss it in the trash....not today dealers (Satan).....I will keep my car (Jesus) with it's years and mileage :-) Besides my history with Him is better than the history with you.