Monday, July 19, 2010

Because I Said So.....

How many of us remember when we would ask our parents WHY we had to do a task, chore or anything and their answer was "Because I Said So....."? I remember asking why things had to be done a certain way, why my way wasn't good enough or why it mattered when I did it.....haha, I'm sure at some point I gave my parents a headache. There was always a lesson to be learned by doing whatever it was the way they were instructing us to do it. Usually they would explain to us in GREAT detail the lesson they 1) hoped we would have learned and 2) hope that we would apply in our future choices and actions.

Well, many times we go through life questioning God the same way.  While I sit in the middle of what is a test offollowing my flesh vs. God's will for my life, I find myself wondering "God, why do I have to do it your way?" His answer: "Because I Said So.....And that's all you need to know."  And even though I want to cry, scream at and doubt God, I simply realize that HE is already working out my issues for me.  When I look around at my situation and circumstances and think "Why me?", "Because I Said So....." rings in my ears and reminds me that He won't put on me more than I can bear at ANY TIME. His grace is sufficient for me.  He keeps love in my heart, understanding in my mind, a song in my spirit, my feet from running and my determination complete.

I have to remember God's Sovereignty that nothing touches me that has not passed through the hands of my Heavenly Father.  So now when we come up against opposition and we know how to handle it the way God has shown us, we can go from hearing "Because I Said So....." as a curse and look at it as a blessing in the making.