Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Facades (How, why and the price we pay)

How many times have we talked to people and they say things like "I'm (this)" or "I'm (that)" like they need to hype themselves up for us to know who they are.  If we are a woman/man of God, our actions, words and beliefs should show others that.

How can we say we love God and we still demolish his temple, our bodies?  Drinking, smoking, cheating (emotional, verbally, or physically), backbiting, being envious....why?  We put up facades of being something we are not....It may be the facade of being a good person when we're busy living in sin with no thought of changing. We act like we're so innocent but we live doing things that bring shame to ourselves and even to those who have led to believe we are who we appear to be. On the other hand we may try to appear worldly when we have given our lives to Christ.  We try to act like they do, talk like they do, party like they do, live like they do.  In our minds we know we have to go to church on Sunday morning but we're spending our Saturday nights clubbing until the lights come think I'm talking about you? No, I was talking about myself that time....I used to but not anymore.

We may have up a facade so we can enjoy "guilty pleasures".  For example, all of you know I'm married, and many know that my hubby is on a long assignment to Korea. Now at my workplace, I let my coworkers (male and female) know that I'm married by talking about my spouse, saying I'm married and wearing my wedding band.  If I wanted to I could not mention my spouse, not wear my ring, deny the fact that marriage is for life..or just flirt with my male coworkers. If I was attempting to do that I would be putting his trust in me on the line, and my reputation, my character and my marriage in jeopardy.  I would be leading others on to get from them whatever emotional, mental or physical needs I have fulfilled. While my thinking would be, "well, my husband will never find out, God already knows and I will be held accountable for what I've done. I would be leading them to believe a facade.  I'm NOT single, I am MARRIED and I  LOVE my husband and I don't want it any other way. Am I saying that we're perfect? No, but we are trying to do right by each other and God.

Now some of you may be saying "well that's not me", well it could be gambling, drinking, pornography, compulsive shopping or putting other things before our personal relationship with Christ. If it is shopping, I may feel like I have to have the newest everything....everything the celebrities have.....and in the process run up outrageous shopping bills. That may be fueled by the desire to fit in and be accepted. In any case living a facade is living a lie and we need to make sure that we're living as honestly as possible....we should want to live right as an example of Christ.