Monday, July 12, 2010

Killing Old Habits vs. Giving them New Life

We have all had bad habits.  We say we need to get rid of them, we need to come back to Jesus, we need to live as a better example to someone else....But how many times do we go back repeatedly and instead of standing strong in the mindset of doing what is right, we wallow and splash in the mindset of doing wrong and if not the wrong thing, then at least we have a defeated attitude..

So many times we say " I am determined to not (fill in the blank), and I am going to (fill in the blank) to make it better so I don't continue to do it" and that is where we stop.  SAYING things do not put them into action, DOING things put them in action.  Last time I checked, God is the only person that can make things happen instantly just by speaking it.

We cannot claim to be doing away with old habits if we constantly and secretly feed them, keeping them tucked away in crevices where no light can fall on them.  We've all heard the saying that what's done in the dark comes to light.  Well how would we feel if some of those hidden things were to be exposed on TV like how celebrities and government officials are exposed.  Forget a level that about just being exposed to our families, friends, church, workplace?

Giving our habits new life by finding ways to keep them barely alive so we can indulge in the wrong kind of pleasure is something that may not be seen by others, but always seen by God.  Now this can be a number of wrong could be sexual misconduct, using emotional dependence (knowing what to say to someone to pull on their heartstrings to get a pity party whenever you want attention), mental control (knowing  how to manipulate people so you can get out of doing things yourself) or many other things.

When we say that we are killing an old habit, we need to banish it from our lives and stop making excuses of why we can't stop repeating it. We forget that when we say that "we can't because...." God always says " But I can......"

How is God supposed to bless us in our lives if we continue to harbor our greenhouse filled with little pots of bad habits....we look at them as just little seeds that aren't doing anything.  God sees it as something that will take root and grow and before we know it, it will outgrow the little area of our life that we are trying to restrict it to and take over other areas....