Friday, July 23, 2010

Reminder: I'm So Blessed

This morning I roll over to hit the snooze on my cell phone, whose alarm tone is a rooster crowing.....I lay there with one eye open looking at the blinds thinking, "Man, it's nice and sunny is going to be a good day....."  I proceed to pull myself up out of bed, get ready and dressed, leave a quick good morning note to everyone on Facebook and get out the door.  As I'm driving to work, I'm singing along with a WOW Gospel CD and it hits me like a truck.....I'm truly blessed.  When I was younger, I did so many things for myself, not really caring about how I may have affected others and God allowed me to live in a great and supportive family.  He gave me a wakeup call when I had my open heart surgery at 19 and you would think that I would have gotten it right then.....but no.  I think that's when I got worse....I didn't party in high school...or when I first got into, I didn't even date until I was 19...and I had put homeboy on probation for a year before I would date him (seriously, you could ask him), haha....But in my early 20's there are two or three years whose activities are a complete blur.  I can remember where I was working or where I was going to school but I know I was involved in activities outside of church that were damaging to my witness for Christ. 

I have always been a person who is not afraid to make new friends wherever I am, but when partying and drinking every weekend, I'm sure my parents prayer life was getting a workout. But over the years of making the wrong choices, I was still active in my church in various ministries.  Too many times the Holy Spirit was giving me a good 1-2-kick and I would ignore it as nothing, refusing to see it for what it was. In 2003-2005 there were some tough family issues that had come up to be dealt with and in 2006 when I had my car acident (which was the death of my first Honda) the light finally came on.  (The accident was not even the slightest bit alcohol or partying related, I worked out of town so I was up at 3:45 am and after work I had been to a banquet that lasted very late into the night.) I had a very close brush with death and was able to walk away from my totalled car with just major bruising.  It wasn't until I realized outright that my other actions will completely damage me if I didn't make a change and get right with God that I started rethinking friendships and relationships. I think that it definitely helped me to reimmerse myself in the right kind of relationships with people who were a good influence.  It helped for me to also go get involved in community ministries and put my outgoing personality to use in a good way. 

Now, I'm married, with two wonderful step kids who I love dearly.  My parents, sibling and inlaws are all doing well (even though I wish I could see them all more often).  I have a college education and a good job that still allows me time to pursue my hobbies (all artsy type and I'm finally starting to see what in the world God wants me to do for him.  Now, I'm not saying that it's easy street from here on out.  I still have a life to live daily that will have it's share of worries, trials, disappointments and heartbreak. But as I keep my focus where it needs to be (on God and what he has for me to do), I can still say, I'm so blessed.  He could have let me get alcohol poisioning, die in a drunk driving accident, be assaulted at a party/club or claimed my life back while I was out "living my life" but He didn't.

Now I wake up in a state I never thought I'd live in with a new group of friends and relationships, a job I would have never guessed to have, and doing what I believe God has for me to do......all I can keep saying to myself is.....Man, I'm So Blessed.

Don't put off to tomorrow what you know you need to do today....cause tomorrow's not promised, and thinking about that, neither is later today....