Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Love in Tact or Love Intact?

Something I was reminded about....

When speaking the truth in love we have to remember to use tact.  Now we can say "oh well I'm just BEING honest" and meanwhile we are stomping on the emotions of others.  We must remember the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. If you want others to tell you undesireable news and soften the blow with tact then we need to make sure to make our own efforts to do the same.  Let's just say you don't care whether the person uses tact or not.....doesn't matter.....WWJD?....he'd use tact..

On the other hand we need to be sure to speak in love (not out anger, envy, jealousy or deceit).  We should not make it a point to be a meddler and cause contention.  We should always guard what we say because we can never take back words after they leave our mouth. What we say can either build someone up or let them down and we may never know how what we say affects someone's life.

Just as having Love in Tact and Love Intact, it's not just something that concerns our verbal communication, but it also includes our actions.  We need to be careful in all that we do.