Sunday, August 1, 2010

What fork do you choose?

**Thanks to (you-know-who-you-are) for your got my gears turning...

Many of us have gone to a banquet or fancy restaurant and sat down only to see that there's a large amount of silverware per person. We see many pieces of flatware but the most important ones are the forks...those are the main eating utensils we will use..(unless the meal is soup..haha).  Now as we consider all the pieces that make up a place setting all those things are complimentary.  They won't help you eat.  The knife is for cutting although you could just pick up a chunk of food and bite off it and the spoon can help you pick it up, but not securely since it's rounded with no pointers to "stab" the food. The glasses are for refreshment and the plates/bowls are to hold the food.

So back to the have your dinner fork, the main fork...the one we scan for first.  It's job is to maneuver food around the plate, hold food while we cut it, then to pick and secure the food to get the right amount of it into our mouths without dropping any (hopefully).  Then you have the salad fork, it's only job is to handle that salad with a pointed prong and you have your dessert fork.  It resembles the dinner fork but is smaller for desserts.

Just as we have to choose the appropriate fork to eat with, we reach different forks in our life and we have to choose which one is appropriate path to travel.  We have forks in our life with our jobs, relationships, and careers.  We have to be sure to look to guidance from God as the main source of wisdom and not be intimidated, distracted, or surprised by the differences we notice.  Sometimes we see a path that looks clear and easy, only to find that it bends out of the way and is a dead end while the path that may look problem prone just looks that way but was actually a breeze and got us where we needed to be.  I know I have come to some forks in the road and the choices were clear....give up or keep going.  I know I had times I wanted to give up, and start from fixing what is broken, just throw it out and start again. Don't like this job? no problem, just quit....don't like these problem, just remove them out your life.  But I have had to look to God and ask Him, "God, WHY in the world am I here....and even better what in the WORLD do you want me to do?" Sometimes I felt like doing the right thing would cause so much pain....and yes, I won't say it was easy to get through, but I know I'm glad I did. Life is so much smoother when you just do as God wants you to....but you have to look at that fork and choose as you think he would have you choose.  Nothing like getting on a path to find out it's not where you should be.  If you find yourself in that position, take the next side street and get back to where you need to be.

Try not make a decision based on that first look, cause looks can fool you.....think about how the end will be....weigh the ending...not the beginning....God WILL guide you and protect you as you travel the path you're on.  He has promised us to keep us if we do His will and if you have chosen that path, then don't get discouraged. God will have your back, and if your friends are true friends, then they will too.