Friday, November 5, 2010

How Fat is Your Character?

Now before you think "What in the world?", reread the title: How Fat is Your CHARACTER.  This past week I was thinking this: The good that people ASSUME about us should never outweigh the TRUE WEIGHT of our character. (I know I am guilty of this myself, so please do not think that I am pointing fingers.) 

When you look back in history or just look at certain groups and civilizations, being fat is a sign of being wealthy. (I'm not not talking about gluttony, that's a whole separate subject.) There's enough food to eat, there's no thought of starving...the people are plump.  We should be the same way with our character.  If we one of God's children then we have more than enough to eat and there is never the thought of an upcoming famine. 

God equips us with so many things: gifts, talents, fruit of the Spirit and the armor of God.  We should be learning as much as we can and gaining weight in our character to the point that it is overweight....but then again, your character can never be overweight, but it can certainly be underweight.  When we neglect our bible reading, study time, fellowship with other believers and such, our character "body" becomes lean, trim and is soon withering...but if we are putting up a good front, we will continue to have other people assume things about our character.  Our character is shaped by the choices we make. When we have the chance to make the right decision we are taking the initiative to positively influence our character. So many times we let what other people assume about us precede what is the truth about us.  Whether it be good OR bad, we let other people's opinions and not GOD shape our character.  We should always strive to live for God and to do what He has for us and not coast on the cloud of praise. 

When God is shaping and molding us, it will hurt and we may go through some much needed pruning but that is the cost. While God is putting us in situations that are building up our character, He is adding that heavy weight that will stick to a light salad with a grilled chicken fillet to a home-cooked meal of greens, cornbread, smothered steak, mashed poptatoes with gravy, corn and your favorite dessert.....which meal will stick with you????