Saturday, November 27, 2010

What's Your Motivation?

So I'm re-evaluating my approach....on everything.  Have we ever found ourselves in a place where we thought that we were handling everything to the best of our abilities the CORRECT way? Of course we have....we plan everything out, we do our own risk assessment of the situation and figure out how to make a situation work out to the best of our advantage without overstepping anyone or trampling on anyone needlessly.  But then wait, out of nowhere we are faced with something that completely stops us in our tracks and makes us think again. One little gust of wind is all it takes to blow down our house of cards...We try so hard to salvage what is left and it's like when we try to salvage anything, the pieces left just seem to internally combust in our face.  We cry, we pout, we scream, we feel hopeless......but we know we need to keep stop is to give up.  We may need to take breaks to cry, wipe our noses, pray, but we keep moving.

In finding what God's will is in our lives we may feel like we lose our way, get sidetracked and have blockades in our way from those who do not want us to be successful. I find myself getting burned out sometimes from doing things....not because I don't enjoy them, but maybe because I DO enjoy them, but for the wrong reasons.  When I'm not living in a way to help others and become selfish, things get stale....I run out of energy, I'm grouchy, grumpy....whatever.  Now I'm not saying for everyone to call, text, email or contact me otherwise to see what kind of creation I can do for them (lol), but I'm saying that as long as I keep everything in the right perspective then I have less occasions of my house of cards falling in on me.

I make sure to have my priorities right and have balance in my life....I remember to pray, take care of my family's needs, read my Bible, be good at my occupation, attend church, be a great friend, keep my morals and beliefs, have hobbies that are beneficial to someone even if the greatest impact is not on myself, etc.  I've seen that when my motivation is not right, then I'm not successful.  When the deck of cards is bent and the cards are damaged from continuous use and not taken care of properly then they will set you up with a shoddy foundation.  But when the motivation is correct (a fresh stack) then you can have great results.  Remember this: When we become self-centered, the undesired results will also be centered back to us...