Monday, January 17, 2011

Even the Valleys Have a Bottom

Think about're looking at a lush green valley...and there's a river flowing through it. The river winds down the slope and as it flows the lush green gives way to a dark winding current with fallen trees and things lurking in the water. Just like the river flowing in the valley, this more dense area has deep water but there is a riverbottom. The river is not some bottomless pit. I can think of things that I have gone through where I feel like I'm in a valley and I've wondered and thought "God, why me? What did I do to deserve this valley in my life?" While I'm sitting there watching the situation get worse and worse,I feel like the situation is just going to continue to worsen every day. But then I realize, this is a valley I'm in, not a bottomless pit. Things will stop getting worse at some point...So many times we find ourselves dealing with an issue that just drains us mentally, physically, spiritually and we wonder if God is with us in that valley, but we have to remember that if the rivers IN the valleys have a riverbottom, then our situations do have a limit on how much worse they can get.

As we continue on our course, we are shaped by our situation, the good that happens and the bad that happens shapes us to be a different person. We have to pray and seek God's guidance not to just give up, we have to keep doing the right thing and see the value in our valley. Like the saying goes, "what doesn't kill us makes us stronger" The saying never implies that your situation will come out the same at the end but just that if you make it through you will be stronger because of it. Sometimes God takes us through things to show us ourselves, we get down into the tough, turbulent areas of our valley and God shows us what we are made of and what we need to better ourselves in. That is the riverbottom....the lowest point that God takes us to where we realize what we need to do.

In my own time of going through a valley, I'm finding out so many things about myself, areas where I feel stronger in, areas that I don't care for as much as I thought I did....lots of self realization going on... many things about myself that I may not have seen had I not been in this valley. I know that God has something in the works right now, I just need to pray that I am silent enough and obedient to get what I need out of this experience.We all need to remember to take our time in doing what God would have us do and not to act based on emotions but on what God would have us do.

The valley does come to an end....either where the ground slopes back up to where you rise again to a mountain top or to where your river gives way to an ocean, a new frontier in your life...with it's own set of highs and lows....but remember there's no bottomless pits cause even the valleys have a bottom.