Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Void? What Void??

So many times we call ourselves busy....busy doing something good, when all we are trying to do is fill a void that we may not realize is there. Chew on this ....just because we have a void doesn't mean that the space isn't filled by something else.  We feel the emptiness with something else, trying to compensate. We figure that if we can just do enough _____ or enough ______ then people will be fooled by or accept what we're doing as doing the right thing.  We just say that we're looking for opportunities to do something...good. But no, it's not the RIGHT thing, it's just A thing and if it's not right then it's WRONG. We run around, not stopping to hear from or look to God see what He has for us.  We figure we know what the Bible says, we've all heard the stories...we know all the clich├ęs...but who cares? We will just do whatever we want because it feels good...it feels productive...it makes us happy... all this to fill a void....who cares what it is or who is affected.  The sad truth is that the void that we don't realize that we have is the one that only God can fill.  He has everything under control when we don't see how...He is the only one who truly knows us...He knows why we have this emptiness. He sees how it started and He knows how it will end. 

God is waiting for us to see that we need Him more than we realize and that if we would just surrender to Him, the void that we mask as "being busy" or "doing God's work" would be filled with the love, divine will, patience, and understanding that He wants to impart to us. Now maybe some of us have "arrived" and we don't have any voids in our lives...but even then, there may be areas of our lives where we are lacking love, peace, joy or other things that God can make full. We need to remember that while we are hard at work for God, not to get carried away in things, events, occasions and the like...we need to remember what the agenda is...and stay true to our beliefs and the reasons why the things, events and occasions take place. The void we may have can be detrimental to us and our work for God if we are not careful to let all areas of our life be ful filled by Him.

I read something today in a book (given to me by my mom) "He Speaks to Me: Preparing to Hear from God" by Priscilla Shirer that really just hit home for me...

"God is love....all the time....God is good....all the time".

No matter what the void is, God is our only option for filling it correctly......mmm...I think I need to Facebook status that... :-)

Have a great life!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Storm Regulates the Atmosphere

First, I will definitely give credit to my good friend James...the title is from something he said :-)

Second, I know it has been too long since my last post, but I have come to understand that sometimes when God is taking me through things, I find it hard to encourage others without tainting the messages I feel that God is laying on my heart...and honestly, it is hard for me to hear from Him and talk to you all at the same time..

On with the Blog!!!!... :-)

We see this all the time...the weather reporters talk about how there are cold and warm fronts moving across the land and how where they meet there will be a storm or undesirable weather.  We watch TV shows with storm trackers looking at hurricanes that form over the water and we observe some of the storms gaining strength while others weaken and dissipate.  The atmosphere is in turmoil with itself...there are two or more change agents at work, and in its path, you may find that the skies are dark, rainy, windy and such. When fronts collide or when the storm grows stronger, moving across land, we have storms that may do little harm or we may have tornadoes that destroy homes and take lives. The one thing that happens for certain is that after the storm, the skies could not be more clear.  The atmosphere received a serious scrub down, a heavy duty-wash. Now, things are calm and tranquil.

Such is the same in our lives...even when we do not see the building issues (opposing fronts) in our lives, they are still there.  They may be far off or they may be right around us but still not be "visible" to us. As we feel or see the tension (storm) building, we have to prepare ourselves for whatever situation may arise. As we begin to deal with trials, tests, issues, unrest and the like in our lives, we will question God more than once...more than twice....more than three times....oh you do not? then I will just be honest and say I have....I find myself dealing with situations that I NEVER thought I would have to deal with and more than once I have wanted to just give up.  And even more than that, it is not even just one "storm" it may be a series of small ones...they may vary in the strength of their damage but they are there nonetheless there. As the issues are brought up and dealt with, the storm wears down, and we start to see the clearing of the skies....the end of it all.  Only sometimes we realize that the storm that we just went through took lives.  With an actual storm this happens and it is tragic.  In the "storms"/issues in our lives, people may not lose their lives, but they may be removed from our circle of influence. We may find that there were some who removed because they were no good for us or we were no good for them.  Yes, there will be aftermath from the storm to deal with.  You will have to either completely tear down things that are half standing or rebuild things that were damaged but one thing we will see is that GOD has regulated  the "atmosphere".  He has pushed the reset button.

With all issues we deal with, there will be collateral damage. Sometimes a lot, sometimes just a little, but if we had not gone through those storms,  God would not have been able to stretch us and push our limits of understanding, wisdom, devotion, perseverance, and such.  I find there are some things that I have to pray for EVERY DAY....for God to constantly keep me in the right frame of mind....for me to learn the lesson from my storm....to not go back to things that He removed while I was in the storm. I also have to learn to deal with what is left over after the storm even if it is aftermath from someone else's storm.

In time, after the storm, the days WILL look brighter (even if it is just a small percentage more than the day before).  It may take a long time but it will get better.  We may see that our surroundings are much different but as long as we continue to lean on and learn from the Lord, we will be fine.

As I write this as encouragement to you all....I write it also to encourage myself.  Thank you for all who have kept me in your prayers as I continue to seek God more in the midst of the aftermath of a personal storm.  You all continue to be an encouragement to me while I try to be an encouragement to you. Be blessed!!!!