Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Stick to the Script!

So when a movie is being made, the movie director has a group of actors who are telling a story....a long cinematic story.  It does not matter the genre...comedy, horror, romantic, etc. they all have a script.  If the actors and actresses begin to add in their own lines to the script, and they fail to use the material that was given to them, what starts off as a sci-fi ends up a comedy and what starts off as romantic, ends up as drama.  It does not matter what the beginning of the movie looks like, if you do not follow the script you will not get the movie you were hoping for.

When we think about plans/goals that we lay out for ourselves, it can run the same range of returns.  When you learn a new language because of an upcoming trip to a new place, you may end up learning another language fluently but if you do not follow through and go visit, you may end up as a translator for a business somewhere. I know I have an ongoing goal for myself and although the script has changed a couple of times, the goal has not....how I get there has, but every time it has changed, I have stuck with it.

When speaking on credibility, if we do not stick to our word on things that we discuss with others, they will start to wonder if we are being honest.  We cannot tell one group one thing and  then tell another group something different then when someone finds the flaw, we get indignant....stick to the script...keep your word.  If you say that you are going to do something, make sure you do it.  With any task, there is nothing wrong with not being able to do something because you do not know how to, but there is something wrong with konwing how to and being able to and choosing to not do something especially if others are counting on you.  Be courteous, let them know. This way the task is handled and you do not lose credibility (or respect).

In all these scenarios, giving up and quitting is never an option. It is always going to be an issue of getting things straightened out and maybe rewriting what needs to be said or done or even going back and scrapping the entire plan to come up with a better one..but when that happens, do not be worried, just continue to stick to the script. Even if the script changes and things come to an end, that does not mean that you quit, it just meant that the script came to an end.


When looking at the aspect of where to get your advice from.....Stick to the ScriptURE!  With all the self-help, relationship, work ethic (and more) materials, so many times we bypass the Bible in lieu of other authors. If you find that the version you have is hard to understand, look into getting a version that makes it easier to read and understand.