Thursday, February 16, 2012

Love and Comfort

So February 13th I was having a conversation with a very good, trusted friend of mine and I'm not sure how we got on the subject (probably talking about how I haven't written anything  Anyways, we started talking about the different opinions people have about Valentine's Day and came up with few let's dig in...

Many people want to be loved or receive some kind of token of the love from others.  They may not love the person they want to receive it from, but they instead want themselves  to be loved or desired. This is commonly confused by wanting comfort.  Instead of actually appreciating and enjoying the other person for who they are and how they affect one's mental, emotional, spiritual or physical well being, they just want to be comforted. Finding comfort in things is not always good for you...

So many times we settle for more shallow shows/actions of "love" (chocolates, flowers, other items, etc.....bills paid, dinner, nice guestures, etc) instead of settling with the comfort of what real love is (without the shows/action).  We should believe the real displays of love not comfort.  Now before everybody starts saying "But I AM showing my love by doing those (tangible) things", I am not discounting those things, but people should know that we love them by how we treat we speak to we talk to them. 

We find comfort in security (okay, I can only answer for females probably) whether that security is fulfilled through the tangible or intangible actions....but true love is not in the tangible (think about it, salvation is not tangible...duh..) but in the intangible.  We need to be sure to not credit the tangible things as though they are the only real proof of love.  Comfort is/and can be tangible and just because we can touch things does not make them more secure.  Tangible things can also fall through our fingers.  People can pay our way, get things for us and at the same time only mean for their intentions to be as deep as what they do for us. 

On another tangent, let us NEVER have one day delegated to be the only day that we show people we love never know when someone's day will be their it should not be Happy Valentine's Day but have a loving life!

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