Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Jesus is the Best Dentist

So we go to the dentist for cleanings, fillings and other orthodontic work….well Jesus is better…..

We go to the dentist for regular cleanings, they take care to look at all the trouble spots that we need to address soon and others that may be potential issues in the future. Well when we are regularly in tune with God and the body of Christ (this includes attending church) God uses praise and worship/music ministry and the sermons to touch our hearts to address the trouble spots we have in our lives whether it’s our behavior, attitude or lifestyle. The same way that a dentist examines all of the mouth, looking at glands and such, not just the teeth, God not only addresses us, but he examines all we deal with, it’s not about having one part right and everything else lacking. God is checking out our friends, family, jobs, hobbies, clubs and activities. We are told that we need to floss and brush our teeth and to use mouthwash….This can mean fasting and having a deeper prayer life than saying grace or praying just in times of trouble. A washing of the Holy Spirit can come through praying for and receiving a renewing of the Holy Spirit to guide us.

When a dentist finds that we have cavities that need to be filled, they will clean out the area then patch up the tooth so that it looks normal but is guarded against continual decay. God does the same for us. When we sin, we can repent to him (letting him fill us with what we need to fortify our spirits and ourselves) and He has the ability to patch us up to build us up so that we are ready to live how we should for him. But when a dentist finds a tooth that is so decayed that it cannot be patched, a root canal is done and a crown is placed in its spot. We sometimes get ourselves into situations where we hit rock bottom and there is no way out but for God to completely turn our lives upside down to rid us of what we have held onto for so long. When articles stick in between teeth or on teeth for too long, they start to decay the teeth….when we have issues or sin that we refuse to let go of, it decays our souls. Yes, teeth that are in need of repair are still usable, we can still use them to eat, but their condition continues to worsen, the same way that we can still function partially in the body of Christ and do work in our local communities and churches, but our lives, our souls continue to become weaker and more desolate. The same way the tooth is completely emptied of all that is in it, we have to WILLINGLY let God do the same with us…..clean us OUT, remove EVERYTHING…..and fill us with HIM. With the crown (new tooth) being put in place of the old one, God gives us a new look on life, a new drive to do what He wills.

In some cases where some may have to get dentures or wear partials, consider those to be our support groups. We don’t have to have them, but with them, things are so much easier to do. We can find the support we need from family, friends or even other outside groups. When it comes to dental assistants that help out the dentist, don’t think that God forgets about us there either. He surrounds us with people: who love and care about us to tell us the truth in LOVE, who will hold our hand when we can’t hold our heads up, who will push us to remain honest, who genuinely care enough about us to get mad at us for doing something that doesn’t help us become better people. I can’t speak for everyone else, but I KNOW God has placed some of those people in my life and to all the ones that I don’t have deep relationships with, I don’t discount the sincerity of their conversations. Those are like the commercials that we see reminding us about our dental hygiene, toothpaste, mouthwash or other dental needs.

We can attempt to tend to all of our dental needs (spiritual growth) ourselves, but in this case, Jesus is the best dentist.