About Me

Hi Everyone,

First off, thanks for stopping by my blog!I never really considered blogging until 2010, but it is something that I love to do now.  I also started doing YouTube videos on subjects that are too long to type about..Mind of a Ladybug on YouTube. I enjoy jewelry making, painting, sewing, furniture renovations, anything that involves power tools :-)! Life has a way of throwing things at you that you would never think "I knew this would happen to me" but it's how we deal with those things that make the difference. I have been blessed to have a close family and circle of Christian girlfriends who have been supportive in my life over the years.
I have an interest in volunteering, mentoring, other similar services and ...anything to do with natural hair care and cosmetology...*smile*.  I read any book on natural hair....I have let go of the relaxers and and I am livin' free....I am a different kind of free spirit...but if you know me personally, then you know that to be very true.